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 AIDS compleet te genezen? En kanker?

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BerichtOnderwerp: AIDS compleet te genezen? En kanker?   21/3/2008, 19:41

Geschreven door Jeroen Devenijn
vrijdag 25 januari 2008
Wat vindt u van dit Engelstalig nieuwsbericht dat de voorpagina haalde in de krant Khaleej Times (Dubai)?

‘I have cured more than 1,000 cancer patients,’ says Ramdev - 24 January 2008 - Khaleej Times

DUBAI - Baba Ramdev, the Indian yoga guru, claimed that he had cured over 1,000 cancer patients through of the practice of yoga and breathing techniques and also had proof to back his claims.

In an interview with Khaleej Times, the 38-year-old yogic, who is in Dubai for the first time to conduct a three-day yoga camp, said, “I have helped cure more than 1,000 people of cancer through yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) over a period of time and have scientific documentation to prove it. People who had blood, uterus, breast and pituitary gland cancer and have had abnormal parameters, now have normal parameters.”

The spiritual guru, known to have had many a brush with controversies in the Indian subcontinent, however added that, “I am not saying you should abandon chemotherapy, but people with cancer can practise yoga alongside chemotherapy.”

Clad in saffron robes, the austere yogic, who is on a flying visit and presently put up in a plush villa in Bur Dubai, also discarded rumours that he could completely cure HIV/AIDS, but asserted that the CD4 cell count, that strengthens the immune system in HIV patients, had been increased and the effect of the virus decreased. “Through the practice of pranayama and healthy food, we have been able to help increase the CD4 count and decrease the presence of virus in the body,” he said.

The Baba also remarked that the people, who participated in his three-day yoga camp in Dubai, would definitely lose 2-4 kilos of weight. The yoga guru said, “I do not do any magic or miracle. Neither do I give any false hopes to people. But everyone can see that people who participate in the camp will lose 2-4 kilos in three days.”Baba Ramdev, who is eternally on a diet of fruits, vegetables and milk, emphasised, “My one target is to create awareness in the Middle East on yoga and teach people of its benefits. I have a vision to make man healthy through his inner powers. Breathing techniques awaken the inner power and the requirement of chemical, salt and hormone in the body reduces.”

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AIDS compleet te genezen? En kanker?
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